Digital Impressionistic Art By Heather Goulet
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What's it all about?

 I Dreamed A Dream!

Since Childhood I have loved all creatures great and small. Growing up in a small town and in a family business, a pet shop to be exact, I experienced first hand what it means to be loved by fur baby’s - lots and lots of fur babies.

"There isn't a day that goes by that the creatures of our natural world haven't had an influence on my life.

I grew up in the Valley Town of Dundas, Ontario, Canada and I now live and work as a Digital Photo Media Artist and Illustrator in Scotland, Ontario. Even as a child I loved illustrations that were whimsical and full of drama and filled with the mystery and magic of nature.

When I’m not creating Digital Photographic Media, I design and create floral arrangements and jewelry. I also enjoy acrylic and water colour painting and mixed medium of all varieties. I love horseback riding and exploring the forest which I am very lucky to have close to my home.

Flying Horse Designs is a one-woman show but there are a few other living creatures here in my studio besides me, including my 2 beautiful rescue kitties Sophie and Mambo and a sweet little Yorkshire Terrier named Max who lost his human daddy not so long ago. He has since adopted me as his new "best girl" next to his favorite mommy of course, who coincidentally is also my mommy"...

"My greatest joy is to walk among the mighty beasts, play in the fields of green and create my artistic vision"

As a Digital Impressionistic Artist, I used to supplement my income shooting portraits, special event and Freelance Phot Journalism photography. Throughout the process I found that I enjoyed my sideline more than my day job. In 2015 I left my corporate design gig and plunged head first into my digital photo studio. My experience, in the art and design fields, continue to provide proven quality service, excellent up-to-date designs and creative visual compositions.

If you are interested in having a photographic session done with your favorite fur baby contact Me at the link below for more details and pricing.

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"Mother Nature is my Goddess. Let me bask in her beauty and crave her wide open spaces"

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